About MAD


We believe in building future-forward solutions and ideas that prepare our partners for a new digital economy. Our mission is to shatter “creative agency” status quos and complacency by all means necessary.

Walking the Walk

We do this by being a radically independent creative agency that solves business & brand challenges through the collective brainpower of our multi-disciplined creatives assembled into a world-class team of design thinkers.


Talking the Talk

We produce powerful strategies, human-centric designs, custom web and software technology solutions. Our integrated services and capabilities span the entire creative spectrum, delivering everything you could possibly want from a creatively driven partner, and probably more.



Design Thinking Methodology

"...it's how we understand people, their needs, and their personal place in
the world."

~ Marc Aptakin, Founder and CEO

Brand Immersions

All projects at MAD start with a complete brand immersion workshop into the company you’ve built or are building which is a building up of ideas collaboratively. The result is a team that is enveloped in your product or company issue so that the design, marketing, advertising, and public relations teams work holistically toward delivering the same brand message across multiple distribution channels.

Empathy Workshops

We know that in order to design, or re-design digital products, platforms or services, we need to have the ability to look at the situation from a customer's perspective. With our Design Thinking Empathy Workshops, we create an environment that allows us to walk in a customer's shoes, relate to them and develop an emotional bond. Through this exercise, we learn what really matters to the customer and use it to create positive experiences for them.

User Story Development

The MAD team will take all of the valuable information gained in our collaborative sessions with stakeholders and craft a problem statement or in design speak, a Point of View. This process will describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of the project - whether its an app, a marketing campaign, or designing a shampoo label. The point here is to clearly articulate the experience that a customer will come to expect through interaction with your product, service or company.

Prototyping & Testing

Whether you have a robotic manufacturing line powered by AI, or a great idea for a mobile application, our approach is the same. We always prototype alongside stakeholders, so that they can view the progression of their project every step of the way. Prototyping provides an opportunity to have more vetted ideas, eventually leading to a more flushed out and scalable solution. We then test the final offering vigorously, tweaking and adjusting it to make it a high-performing, user-friendly experience that we can launch for use.


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Here is what some of our clients have to say.

Innovation, especially in healthcare, is not a DIY business. Successful innovation, R & D, and product delivery requires strong collaboration with highly creative, flexible, and capable teams. MAD has each of these qualities in abundance, and we are thrilled to be working with MAD team, who finds new ways of solving some of healthcare's most complex challenges.

Peter Carr
Director of Innovation Miami ~ Children's Health System

Working with Mad was a key factor in the successful launch of our brand.

Venus Brown
CEO ~ Buddah Tek

MAD has helped our brand grow and continued to help us creatively to build sales, profits, and morale among our teams through fun and creative initiatives.

Andy Yeager
CEO ~ Tapco Restaurant Group



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