Buddah Tek
Buddah Tek
Case Study

Personal Gaming System

Buddah Tek, makers of the Rover 1 personal gaming station and high-end luggage for gamers on the go, partnered with us to elevate the look and performance of their eCommerce and social media channels. In tandem, we helped them spearhead the launch of their product line in the UK and US markets.


Creating the Ultimate Product Heroes

Our team of 3D experts uses the latest technologies to create better-than-life images for marketing materials. The team at Buddah Tek knew that they needed total flexibility with their product's hero shots to be able to have control over lighting and textures for all of their future products. The MAD team created photo-realistic 3D renderings of their products from scratch and the end results speak for themselves.

3D Animation

Once our team created the 3D models for the Buddha Tek products, the sky was the limit for all the different ideas that can become a reality.

On a Winning Streak

Because impactful product content makes all the difference in encouraging customers to engage with a brand and to make a purchase, our team also created reach, snackable clips for use on social media. Our most recent projects involved a collaboration with rapper, influencer, and entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg.

Client Testimonial

Working with MAD was a key factor in the successful launch of our brand.

- Venus Brown, CEO - Buddah Tek
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