Case Study

It all Starts with a Solid UX Strategy

Greenlane tasked us to deliver a web experience that simultaneously serves its B2B customers, while also delivering the robust company and investor profile component required of publicly-traded companies. The transformation began with an immersive deep dive into the company, inviting its stakeholders into our empathy workshop. This carefully crafted experience allowed us to efficiently flesh out the vision, focus areas, and mission of the project in order to ideate the perfect custom solution and establish the KPIs that would allow us — and our client — to measure its success.

Mobile-First B2B Wholesale Experience

In today’s digital world, it is imperative that brands meet customers on their turf. This led to the development of a mobile-first website that translated seamlessly throughout all handheld devices, delivering a sleek experience to Greenlane’s mobile users. This new site extended the aesthetics and functionality standards of its elevated B2B e-commerce component, providing its audience with a more complete and high-end experience than typically offered to investors and B2B customers.

The Product Card

With the majority of Greenlane’s customers interacting with the brand offline, we aimed to create a product card that was informative, inviting, mobile-friendly, and seamless across all devices in order to increase their online presence and drive more traffic through their sales channels. This meant developing the ultimate product card which included clear and concise product information, as well as the ability for customers to interact with their selected products in an intuitive manner.

The Shopping Experience

As a global house of brands and leading distributor of cannabis accessories, Greenlane needed to rise above the noise of a saturated market while appealing to both their B2C and B2B audience. We achieved this solution by creating a hybrid experience that combined both the familiar and inviting features of a B2C site, with the functionality of a robust ERP solution. Additionally, we highlighted Greenlane’s expertise, and helped to position them as an industry leader by showcasing their extensive product catalog, and placing their premium, proprietary house brands front and center.

Client Testimonial

We really enjoyed working with MAD on this project. The team is FUN, extremely organized, communicative, and they never missed a deadline. The designs came out great, and we look forward to partnering with MAD again on our next project!

~ Lauren Drury, Greenlane