Case Study

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets

And Lola, aka Jennifer Aniston’s brand and her team, wanted MAD to be the creative partner behind the branding and entire launch campaign of her new haircare product line, named LolaVie after her nickname, Lola.


Branding to Transcend Time

To create a design that fit the brand’s vision, we developed a refined and minimalistic black & white art direction with a touch of color to highlight the natural ingredients.

The Elegance is in the Details

Setting the tone for others in its class, the final product delivers a sleek, minimalistic look. LolaVie’s classic branding sits confidently on an elegant white bottle with smooth edges and a matte finish soft to the touch. Its black top is delicately etched with the company logo. Each meticulous detail reflects the natural elegance and refined style of LolaVie.

LolaVie, Naturally You

The brand's communication was crafted to highlight Jennifer Aniston’s natural personality and focus on the naturally derived ingredients in the product. It was important to convey the idea that everyone should feel comfortable the way they are. The resulting Naturally You became LolaVie’s official tagline, helping to launch its first product, the Glossing Detangler, through social media, PR, and the website.

More Than Just E-Commerce

MAD fully designed and developed the brand’s website, featuring high-end product shots, 3D ingredients, and fashion and editorial pictures directed by the iconic photographer and artist, Emma Summerton. By launching the e-commerce website, we were able to showcase products and the new branding, completing the immersive and seamless experience.


Uniting MAD’s Art Direction with Emma Summerton’s talent, we captured Jen’s natural beauty to compose our refined and minimalistic black & white visuals. The natural beauty of all ages was depicted through casting to connect with our audience.

MAD also produced 3D images to showcase the products in high-definition alongside several ingredients and different surroundings, having more control and creative options to come up with interesting product imagery.

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