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Case Study

A Purposeful Metamorphosis

With an established identity and dedicated client base in Latin America, {Nuvant} faced a critical challenge. That of adopting a new identity showcasing its global aspirations and facilitating its infiltration into new markets without betraying the authenticity, integrity, and reliability with which it had developed its existing client relationships.

The Data Behind the Design

Navigating the challenges of effectively weaving Plastiquimica’s values and vision into a modern global brand required a study of said values. We collaborated with stakeholders to identify the passions and ambitions that drove the brand, transitioning through a variety of iterations until we arrived at an authentic brand identity that delivered growth without compromise.

The Art of the Glow Up

In a world of limited attention spans, overstimulation, and first impressions, captivating the attention of a target audience is critical. By enlisting the psychology of color, we meticulously crafted a palette that fused Nuvant’s forward-thinking spirit and dependable reputation through bold, eye-catching colors that embodied both, the formal and the familiar.

From Textiles to Tech

Nuvant has endeavored to exceed the limitations of the textile industry. A new breed of fabric company, this visionary brand deserved an equally ambitious website. While many are content to color within the lines, Nuvant received an elevated and interactive site that meticulously showcased its wares in crisp, three-dimensional details that invite visitors to engage with its many features, driving more web traffic and seeding confidence in the brand’s capabilities.

Client Testimonial

Using a unique creative process, MAD took us through an enriching path of brand exploration. That, along with the exceptional technical capabilities of their team, made our new brand and website incredibly attractive and well suited to our new strategy. The success of this launch would not have been possible without MAD.

~ Santiago Lopera Lopera, Nuvant
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