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One Planet Life
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Reduce, Reuse, Redesign

One Planet Life’s mission and vision were used as a lodestone to guide a fresh redesign that best conveyed its values and environmental consciousness. For an original look and feel, new logos and color palettes were explored, bringing in elevated visual elements, updated fonts, and a brand voice that reflected a more consistent and unified tone.

Service Design Workshops

Brainstorming with stakeholders via service design workshops, we pored over every detail of their vision to develop detailed user journeys for the app. What would it set out to accomplish and how? Who would its users be and how would they interact with content? Which features were crucial to the user journey and which would set One Planet Life apart from the crowd? Armed with a new set of data points, we got to work.

Service Design Documentation

While the team at One Planet Life supplied their own user research, our team took it to the next level. Using detailed outlines from our service design workshops, we mapped out the practical application of all user journeys, functionalities, and flows to understand how users and dependent systems interact with content across platforms. Validating everything ensured we identified edge and corner case scenarios early to determine barriers to launch and suggest realistic solutions.

UX Strategy

With the goal of understanding what the user thinks and feels during their experience, empathy workshops were conducted to define user personas that better reflected One Planet Life’s audience, including their demographics, needs, priorities, motivations, and frustrations. These helped to craft a more realistic vision for building the app including its mission, focus areas, necessary KPIs, and any final challenges.

Roadmapping the Experience

To ensure that all avenues were explored, visual roadmaps were developed by charting out the information architecture and hierarchy of messaging for the app’s layout. Mapping out every possible user action included determining all necessary elements for communication, tool-tips, and tutorials, in addition to creating branches of content and identifying interface needs to get the full app experience up and running.

Prototyping the Wireframes

Once all necessary screens and communication points were identified, we finalized the user interface at a basic structural level to account for the planned layout while designing the user experience. Throughout the process, our team engaged in rapid prototyping so the models could fail fast in order to make iterative improvements to the user interface.

A Conscious Design

With the goal of creating an experience as dynamic and complex as its users, the One Planet Life UI was designed to act as a living, breathing interface to go above and beyond the norm, just like its connected community. Visually engaging colors, stunning textures, and fresh branding were crafted to complement OPL’s updated layout, iconography, and typeface.

UI Kit & Component Library

To facilitate future design and maintenance, UI design kits and component libraries were created to simplify execution and provide designers with ready-to-use UI elements while ensuring that OPL’s branding, look, and feel always maintain consistency.

Rapid Prototyping

During the final UI and throughout the entire creative process, our team was focused on building and testing out the interaction. While crafting the app’s vision, designers were able to sync their work in real-time with rapid prototyping on their phones in real-time using the latest industry techniques and tools.

Welcome to One Planet Life

A product as progressive and forward-thinking as the One Planet Life app allowed us to push the boundaries of environmental consciousness. Built in React Native, its design was packed with unexpected tools that encouraged global change while connecting users with a like-minded community, integrated social media elements, robust features, engaging challenges, and achievement tracking. From the birth of the user story through its launch on app stores, our team handled it all.

A Personalized Interface

Putting an added emphasis on personalization, we sought to deliver an app that engaged users through interactive, tailored experiences that were rich in both color and texture. With every user interaction within the app, a unique new data point created a clickable bubble that acted as both a design element and an opportunity for interaction.

Customizable Design

In crafting an unparalleled experience for OPL users, we set out to build a customizable interface that would allow for individual settings to be adjusted based on personal preference. A black and white option was designed for users experiencing issues with colorblindness.

Intuitive & AI-Powered Experience

In order to optimize performance for an enhanced user experience, the team leveraged the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Autonomous Database (ADB) with built-in AI and machine learning to power the ‘Joyful Changes’ recommendation engine. For authentication, we utilized Firebase, a SaaS service provided by Google Cloud.

The Backend Portal

All of the app’s content is managed via a customized Joomla backend portal, which allows the OPL team to easily handle all its users, onboarding, and educational content. Using this approach provides them with a level of self-sufficiency along with the freedom and tools to tackle everything themselves.

Download App Today!

The One Planet Life app is now available for download in Google Play Apps and the App Store. Experience the future of environmentalism, improve your carbon footprint, and live more sustainably.

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Client Testimonial

The entire MAD team understood our vision and brought art and technology together to create a stunning app. Thank you for your partnership!

- Lorie Buckingham, Founder - One Planet Life
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