Verizon Brands
Case Study

For more than two decades including its acquisition by Verizon, TracFone Wireless and Mad have forged a strong partnership, helping this successful telecom client grow its portfolio and expand from three initial brands into the largest nationwide prepaid wireless provider — with nine different companies under its current umbrella. Building a retention marketing team from the ground up, Mad has played a major role in crafting a strong look and feel and consistent brand voice. As our team facilitates better relationships between company and customer, TracFone helps to create vital connections for all its users.

Building Successful Brands

We have consistently created strong, cohesive branding for all of TracFone’s nine different brands. Tailoring strong campaign creative for each individual identity helps establish a separate personality and unique tone of voice, engaging the target audience with relevant content which, in turn, helps build lasting relationships between each customer and brand.

Crafting Cohesive Campaigns

We conceptualize, design, and execute a variety of cohesive campaign content, capitalizing on the different benefits of its individual channels — from emails, landing pages, and mobile app notifications, to banners and beyond — in order to effectively convey the identity and message of each brand and communicate with its ideal consumer.

Compelling Campaign Strategy

Using a research-based design process, we raise the bar on campaign strategy development by creating new and compelling content that boosts engagement and speaks to our customers.

Boosting Engagement on Social Media

We elevate TracFone’s social media presence, brand validation, and interaction with customers across all relevant channels by crafting exciting content that reflects each brand’s unique voice while engaging customers in a dynamic space on a daily basis.

Perfected in Print

From concept and creative execution to production and distribution, Mad provides a full-scale, 360° scope of work. Each brand’s identity, message, and personality are consistently carried through all printed materials — which we design, print, and ship by mail directly to consumers.