Case Study

Exotic Coffees

Volcanica Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster focused on offering the finest quality ingredients from volcanic regions around the world. Their focus on high-quality coffees and helping educate consumers about it is what drove us into designing their packaging, 3Ds, and creating a marketing campaign.

Packaging Design

Using the Volcanica branding, all coffee bags have a Volcano as the background imagery. And since we’re talking about over 150 coffees, MAD designed labels that can be placed on the bag to signal the coffee flavor.

An Explosion of Colors and Flavors

Each pod flavor has its distinct flavor notes and aroma, because its coffee beans are sourced from different countries, like Costa Rica, Haiti and Guatemala, for instance.

So 5 different flavors, 5 different colors varying from Lightest to Heaviest based on the Intensity.


Besides designing packs and pods, we created 3D images and shot some videos of the products to be used on social media, emails, and the website.

Email Marketing Campaigns

The email strategy was developed to notify customers about new products, promote coffee flavors based on holidays, advertise charity events and offers.